Summer is practically over and so are the late nights at the local movie theater for a lot of tweens and teenagers. Summer is typically when many of today’s youth is laying by the pool, getting together at the mall and, of course, munching on buttered popcorn in front of the big screen. “The warm weather is always a good time for studios to feature their big movies, just like this year’s (this is a 2013 release) “The Dark Night Rises”, says Rich Iott, founder of Braeburn Entertainment.

Just last year, “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2,” “Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon” and “Captain America: The First Avenger” all came out during the summer. They were huge hits. “Movie studios choose the warm weathered months including June, July and August because they know people have more free time which means they’re more likely to go to the movies, making the studio more profit,” says Executive Producer Rich Iott.

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It is estimated that every year, there’s only about 650 movies that make it onto the silver screen in theaters. Less than 100 of those are profitable. “There are thousands of movies made in the U.S. every year, but movie studios are mostly interested in producing the ones that are going to make them the most money,” says Executive Producer Rich Iott.

The founder of Braeburn Entertainment produced his own share of profitable movies including “Insight” and “Happily After.” A movie like “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1″ made $800 million just from movie ticket sales. After a movie stops airing at a movie theater, it is distributed through DVDs and eventually deals may be made to feature the movie on TV. And don’t forget about the international distribution market for theatrical, DVD, and televised release.

“Some movies even become video games, action figures and other memorabilia,” says founder of Braeburn Entertainment Rich Iott. So when a movie makes more money than it costs to make and  people talk about the movie afterwards and some people go back to see it again, it’s a bonafide blockbuster. “A summer blockbuster hit is a kind of cultural phenomenon. Think of how many times people went back to see this year’s ‘The Dark Night Rises’,” says Executive Producer of Braeburn Entertainment.



The always-interested-in-what’s-happening in the movie industry, Braeburn Entertainment founder RichIott shares with you the latest news in entertainment. The complete list of the 2012 Emmy nominations has just been released with “Mad Men,” “30 Rock,” “Boardwalk Empire,” and “Games of Thrones” making it onto the coveted list. This September 23rd will mark the 64th Primetime Emmy Award show where the Academy of television Arts and Sciences will recognize the best in entertainment. “Many of last year’s nominees are one the list again,” says Executive Producer Rich Iott. “‘Mad Men,’ which has won an Emmy for four consecutive years in the drama series category and ‘Modern Family’ too, which has won twice for comedy series.”

This 2012 Emmy Nominations lists include newcomers such as “Veep,” “Girls” and Fox Series “New Girl” made famous thanks to actress Zooey Deschanel. Zooey is also a singer-songwriter and musician who had her breakout role in Cameron Crowe’s 2000 semi-autobiographical film “Almost Famous.” “She has also been nominated for a Golden Globe and Grammy in the past, says Braeburn Executive Producer Richard Iott. This year’s nominations for comedy series includes three shows from HBO including “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” “Veep,” and “Girls” that’s created by Lean Dunham. The show follows a close group of twenty-somethings in New York City as they navigate their lives “one mistake at a time.” Of course, Larry David is also nominated in the Comedy Actor category for playing himself.

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The HBO network shows up again with two more nominations in drama series including people’s favorite “Boardwalk Empire” that’s set in Atlantic City, New Jersey during the Prohibition era. Actor Steve Buscemi plays Nucky Thompson. “The first episode of ‘Boardwalk Empire’ was said to have cost $18 million and directed by Martin Scorcese, says former politician Rich Iott.” For the miniseries or TV movie nominations, there are a host of networks represented from FX to PBS and BBC America. The History channel’s popular “Hatfields and McCoys is also nominated bringing the true American story of legendary family feud to life. “This feud is said to nearly launch a war between Kentucky and West Virginia, says Rich Iott. Kevin Costner and Bill Paxton are part of the all-star cast.

So who will you be rooting for asks Executive Producer Richard Iott?



It takes a lot of manpower to make a movie, not to mention good talent, a good story… and money. That’s where executive producers come in. The role of an executive producer varies depending on the project that’s at hand. Is it a television series? Is it a blockbuster movie? Is it a documentary? In the general sense of the word, executive producers are responsible for the quality of the production itself. They’re part of a big team of people that chooses the most marketable projects, the ones with the most possibility for big profits. Executive producers are also in charge of actually marketing and promoting the projects they’re involved in, so attending national events and festivals as well as other public relations events isn’t uncommon.

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Executive producers such as Braeburn Entertainment founder Richard Iott are well-versed in business aspects and have a lot of legal, financial and practical knowledge overall. They’re well-liked, have a huge network of colleagues, friends and acquaintances and have a passion for the silver screen. “I was President and CEO of Seaway Food Town for a huge part of my life. I just took on the family business, but my true passion was always the movies,” recalls Executive Producer Richard Iott. “In high school, I created many  short films. In college I majored in drama.” These days many celebrities are able to cross over into movie and TV production and have production companies of their own, just like Richard Iott’s Braeburn Entertainment. Stars like Tim Allen, Drew Barrymore, Tom Cruise, Nick Nolte, Jodie Foster and Sally Field join the cast of producers.

“The 70s Show” and Demi Moore’s famous ex, actor Ashton Kutcher, is also well-known for his production chops. He’s created, produced and hosted MTV’s “Punk’d” for a number of years. “In this TV series hidden cameras catch celebrities reacting to pranks,” says Executive Producer Richard Iott. The former Calvin Klein model also produced “Beauty and the Geek,” “Adventures of Hollyhood,” “The Real Wedding Crasher,” “Killers” and “Opportunity Knocks.” “Ashton Kutcher’s production company is called Katalyst Films. He runs it with his partner Jason Goldberg,” says Executive Producer Richard Iott. These days he’s playing Walden Schmidt in “Two and a Half Men” and is believed to earn $20 million for the year.



It seems like a lot of the celebrity world are Democrats, or maybe they are just the ones that make the most noise. There are plenty of stars that believe in small government, tax deduction and conservative values. In other words, there are plenty of celebrities that are Republican. Actor Stephen Baldwin is one of these famous Republicans. He called Sarah Palin “fantastic” and threatened to move to Canada if Barack Obama was elected. The Texas-born Jessica Simpson, known for her beautiful voice and beautiful clothing line, also joins this list of popular Republicans. She, allegedly, doesn’t mix her career with politics, but she infamously turned down an invite from President Bush back in 2006 to a GOP fundraiser.

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For Republican Rich Iott, becoming a politician was never part of his career goals. The longtime Ohio resident and Chief Executive Officer of Seaway Food Town kind of fell into it. In 2010, Rich was the endorsed Republican candidate for the U.S. Congressional seat in Ohio’s 9th District. He was not elected but carried over 41% of the vote, with the best performance of any candidate in the nation running in a plus-10 Democratic district. “I never had the desire to be in politics, I only had the desire to serve my fellow man. Things weren’t good and I thought I can make a difference by bringing something new into office, Rich Iott says. For this ex-politician, going up against Marcy Kaptur in 2010 was more of a sense of duty.

Louisiana-native and pop star sensation Britney Spears joins the famous Republican list. She was a big supporter of President George Bush and various GOP House representatives. Who’s the Boss’ Tony Danza, a registered Republican, is known to have contributed donations to Republican nominees. Sarah Michelle Gellar, Clint Eastwood and the ultra-conservative Mel Gibson, are all Republicans. Actor Kelsey Grammer said in a FOX  interview that he’s a Republican because he believes that the individualism is the most sacred thing. He’s also signaled toward a possible senate run. Comedian and the host of The Price is Right, Drew Carey, who’s also from Ohio just like former politician Rich Iott, has been touted as a Republican senator, but actually leans more towards Libertarian. In 2008, he spoke out against McCain/Pain.



Braeburn Entertainment has produced numerous films throughout the years including “Insight,” “Glass City,” and “180.” In 2010, another one of Richard Iott’s productions was released to the public, under the charming title of “Happily After.” In this movie which  Braeburn co-produced with Glass City Films, a romantic young writer named Tristan meets Trisha at a coffee shop and they’re instantly attracted to each other. He’s smitten with Trisha who’s played by Sharina Martin and their relationship progresses. Tristan who’s played by Ross Marquand takes a liking to her son Landon and promises her to always be there for him. However, when Trisha’s jealous ex-husband enters the picture, there’s a twisted love triangle that occurs and Trisha goes missing. “This film is full of testimonies, flashbacks and the hardships of relationships,” says Richard Iott. “It’s a true genre-bending thriller because the audience is forced to question everything they’ve seen.”

Richard Iott’s “Happily After” Movie Production

 “Happily After” has been recognized in many festivals including the 2011 Park City Film Music Festival taking the Gold Medal for Excellence in Music. The 2011 AOF International Film Festival as a nominee for Best Production Design, the 2011 Lake Count Film Festival and the 2011 Blue Whiskey Indie Film Festival. Brian Morton from Rogue Cinema said “It may be the best indie film I’ve seen this year!” John Klein directed this shot-in-Chicago thriller. As a director of photography, he has traveled the world and shot countless projects including award-winning short films such as “Last Seen on Dolores Street” and “Rendezvous” as well as feature films such as “Nightlights.” “John also shot music videos and documentaries including Strong Bodies Fight and Return to Glory,” says Executive Producer Richard Iott. The founder of Braeburn Entertainment has worked with John in the past on “Glass City.”

Rich shares his love of the movies with his daughter Devon, who also enjoys the entertainment industry. Rich recalls: “When my daughter was in high school all she wanted to do was make movies. Instead of writing reports, she made movies. She made a bunch of short films and eventually graduated from University of Southern California with a degree in cinema and TV production.” Executive Producer Rich Iott always says that his career as a grocer and CEO for Seaway Food Town was somewhat predestined, making movies is truly his passion. Stay tuned for the next movies from Braeburn Entertainment.