Executive Producer Richard Iott has been in the entertainment industry for quite some time now, enjoying every moment of it. Even his daughter Devon is in show business. She graduated with a degree in Cinema Production from the University of Southern California during which she interned with Icon Production, under the tutelage of Mel Gibson. She has also acted and today has her own production services company, so producing movies is definitely a passion they both share. “I don’t have any technical skills per se, but I’ve re-worked move scripts, helped manage productions and am really passionate about the movie production world,” explains film producer Richard.


After being a successful Chief Executive Officer of Seaway Food Town, a chain of 75 supermarkets and discount drugstores, Rich decided to go back to his first passion: the entertainment industry. In 2008, movie producer Richard Iott founded Braeburn Entertainment. This motion picture investment company has been the force behind many successes including 2011’s “Insight.” This thriller is about an emergency room nurse, Kaitlyn, psychically connected to a young murder victim that she’s taking care of. She turns to a detective on the case for help on solving the case and eventually discovers the brutal truth as well as unexpected lessons about life, love and sorrow. “Insight” features film star Sean Patrick Flanery and Christopher Lloyd.  “Insight was directed by Richard Gabai and co-produced with GC Pix,” Rich Iott says.


“Separation Anxiety” is another movie produced by Braeburn Entertainment. This movie was co-produced with production house Glass City Films. It’s about three childhood friends in their twenties, Bailey, Quinn and Jess, who come to terms with their relationships as they grieve over the loss of their best friend and the mystery behind the death. The movie stars Tyler Seiple, Kiana Harris, Corbin Jones, Emmy winner John Wesley Shipp and Drama Desk nomine Polly Adams. It has appeared in significant film festivals including the 2011 Alexandria Film Festival, the 2011 Trail Dance Film Festival (Best Director),  the 2011 Columbus International Film and Video Festival (Honorable Mention) and the 2011 Grand Rapids Film Festival.


This year, Rich is working on a film called “180,” with the help of production house GC Pix starring Lacey Chabert, Ethan Embry and Amanda Schull.  Executive producer Rich also has production credits on a film called “The Closing Broadcast,” about a young overnight news producer who experiences a horrible nationwide attack through the police scanners in her office, all the while facing the truth about her crumbling relationship. “My life as a grocer was somewhat predestined, movie production and the entertainment world is truly my passion,” Rich says.



Show business, or showbiz if you ask those in the know, consists of all of the aspects of the entertainment industry including both the business and creative side. So showbiz includes managers and agents as well as actors, technicians and executive producers like Rich Iott. Richard is President of Braeburn Entertainment, a movie-making business that has been the force behind numerous films including “Insight,” “Glass City,” “Happily After” and “Separation Anxiety.” “The movie business is a great industry to be in. I always loved it. In fact, even in high school, I was producing and creating movies. In college, I majored in Drama,” Rich explains.


The movie-making business is complex as it involves such different skills depending on which end you’re in. Are you more concerned with the bottom-line and box office dollars? Or are you more interested in the artistic craft of it all? To be successfully films need to generate hundreds of millions of dollars to cover expenses, make profit for both the studio and theaters. Movie theaters typically get a percentage of the sales of the movie tickets and the longer they play a movie, the higher their percentage gets. So for example, the first week a movie runs the studio makes 70% of the cut, the movie theaters only make 30%. But by the third and fourth week of its run, they’re equally splitting the profits, thus the importance of the popularity.


Acting is also part of show business. An actor requires a wide range of skills from vocal projection to physical expressivity to improvisation, and of course a well-developed sense of imagination. Professional actors work in film, on television, on stage, and if they’re lucky, they become celebrities with huge paydays. Many actors, after numerous years in the entertainment industry, decide to cross over to behind the camera. They take on other roles such as film directors or executive producers, which is another way for them to share that passion for show business. “To be good producer, you have to have passion for the film you’re making. You have to be involved and hands-on with every aspect of it,” says Executive Producer Rich Iott.


For Executive Producer Richard Iott, coordinating, taking care of the business and legal issues, being hands-on on a movie set is what he thrives on. “There’s nothing quite like the feeling you get from investing in something you believe in. It’s really magical to see something develop right before your eyes,” he says. Braeburn Entertainment, Rich’s production company, also co-produced “Separation Anxiety” with the collaboration of Glass City Films. “Separation Anxiety” is a film filled with emotional turmoil directed by Cole Simon. It’s about the unlikeliest of friends, twenty-somethings Bailey played by Corbin Jones and Quinn played by Tyler Seiple. Currently, Rich’s movie producing company is in post-production with GC Pix on a film called “180” and has production credits for “Closing Broadcast.”