Richard Iott is best known for his days as a grocer. His dad Wallace owned Wally’s Food Town before it became Seaway Food Town when it went public. This thriving family business became a 75-store regional chain of supermarkets and discount drugstores. Rich worked in his father’s business for years starting at 14 years old as a metal type cleaner in the print shop that made the advertisement for the stores. He continued his career at Seaway Food Town for decades to come, serving in various positions from dairy merchandiser and profit specialist to senior vice president and Chief Executive Officer before he retired in 2000. “In a way, what I was going to do for a living was predestined,” Rich explains.


After high school, the ex-Republican Congressional nominee wanted to join the army. His parents didn’t really like the idea, but he was disqualified due to a heart murmur. Several years later Rich found out about the State Guard and decided he could serve his country that way. In fact, he’s been in the Ohio Military Reserve for more than  28 years now. Richard Iott has served in various enlisted, staff and command positions since 1983, acquiring numerous awards and badges not to mention an extensive list of certifications.


However, entertainment was always an interest. Or at least since his high school days where he produced several short films. In college, Richard Iott majored in Drama. Today, he is the President of Braeburn Entertainment. And apparently the love for the movie industry runs in the family. His daughter Devon graduated Magna Cum Laude in 2006 from the University of Southern California- School of Cinema and Television with a degree in Cinema Production. She has also pursued acting, screenwriting and cinema production.


Rich delved deeper into the movie business, when his daughter’s actor boyfriend was looking to make a feature film, hoping to make is directorial debut. “He was looking for investors and I thought it would be exciting to get involved in the project,” Richard explains. “During the film shoot, I met more people in the entertainment business which led me to more investing.” As he continued to put together more financing for films, Rich took on the role of Executive Producer and founded Braeburn Entertainment.


Since then, Richard Iott served as Executive Producer on numerous films including “Insight” which he co-produced with GC Pix as well as “Glass City”, “Happily After” and “Separation Anxiety” which were co-produced with Glass City Films. “I have no technical skills. But I’ve reworked scripts, helped cast actors and enjoy the business side of the movies,” Rich explains. Presently, Rich’s company, Braeburn Entertainment, is in post-production with GC Pix again on a film called “180” and has production credits for “Closing Broadcast.” “Now that  our daughter has co-founded her own production services company, I’m excited to start collaborating and working with her,” he says.