We all know about the powerful entertaining abilities the movies have, but did you know how much impact it could really have? Take for example the latest blockbuster hit at the movie theater, “The Hunger Games.” In it, the heroine named Katniss played by Jennifer Lawrence is said to participate in the televised series also by the same name and travels to The Capitol to train for the games. Her training consisted of archery, rock and tree climbing, combat, running and yoga. Thanks to “The Hunger Games” archery has become more popular overnight. The staff at Bass and Pro Shop in Olathe, Kansas City say fans of the book and movie are flocking to see them to learn how to perfect their skills with the bow and arrow. Members of archery associations such as Independence Bow Hunters are now making appearances at schools and youth functions due to the increases interest in the sport.

credit to marktee at http://www.flickr.com/photos/marktee

“It’s fascinating for someone like me who’s in the entertainment industry to see how a blockbuster hit has a ripple effect in other areas, from small businesses to sports, even locations, says Executive Producer Rich Iott. “Thanks to ‘The Hunger Games’ archery clubs and retailers across the nation are reporting unprecedented interest in the bow and arrow sport.” There are reports of over a 230% increase in archery equipment alone. Even the soundtrack of the movie was popular, making Taylor Swift an even bigger star thanks to her “Safe and Sound” song. It reached number one on the iTunes charts in just 12 hours. “The album debuted at number#1 on the Billboard Top 200 Chart, selling 175,000 copies in its first week. It was the first since Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” to debut at #1,” says founder of Braeburn Entertainment Rich Iott.

Another after-effect of “The Hunger Games” includes the abandoned mill town where the heroine, Katniss, of the movie lived. It’s part of a 72-acre parcel which the owner hopes will sell now for $1.4 million. This slum that’s about 60 miles northwest of Charlotte has been for sale for several years, but is now getting so much more attention because of the popularity of the movie. “I learned the owner was trying to sell for two years and a half, for about $400,000 with no success,” says movie producer Rich. The abandoned mill town has 20 vacant houses and a general store. In 1905, this village was home to a cotton mill, a general store, a boarding house and 35 homes for mill workers and their families. “Seems like ‘The Hunger Games’ was right on target, says founder of Braeburn Entertainment Richard Iott.